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Your local pharmacist is the ideal person to discuss all your infant and childrens health queries.

Queries may relate to the very young such as colic, infant feeding – breastfeeding or formula feeding, constipation. Other queries may also include coughs & colds, sticky eyes, nappy rash.

Common Conditions:



Colic differs from ordinary crying, in that the baby can be incolsolable crying turns to screaming, and the ordeal last for hours. Doctors sometimes diagnose colic based on the ‘rule of 3s’: at least 3 hours of crying, at least 3 days per week for at least 3 weeks.

Raised Temperature (Fever)

This is a temperature of >38ºC, anything above 39ºC might indicate something more serious. Any baby under 3 months old with a raised temperature should be seen by a doctor or A&E department.


Teething pains start almost any time after 10/12 weeks, continuing for several months, or even years, depending on whether or not the eruption of the back teeth is also painful.

Nappy Rash

Most babies will suffer from nappy rash at some stage, it is very common especially at 8 – 12 months of age. It is usually caused by contact with urine and faeces which irritate the skin of the nappy area. It is a red rash on the buttock area and other parts of the body are generally not affected.

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