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Weight Management - Healthy Lifestyles

Weight management doesn't refer to losing weight constantly but achieving a healthy weight and maintaining it. It is not enough to start eating healthy foods and taking up exercise for a few weeks or months - eating habits and other behavioural habits that make you overweight must be addressed. These changes have to be permanently incorporated into your life.


First steps to a healthier lifestyle...

Choosing a healthy lifestyle does not always mean giving up everything you enjoy! While it will mean changes, they can be gradually brought in to your life painlessly. And the good news is that within weeks, you'll be feeling and looking so much better, you won't want to go back to your old ways!

To kick start yourself focus on the short term benefits:


Once you have made up your mind to make some changes in the way you live there are three long term goals to think about:


By achieving all this we set ourselves up with a more positive outlook and a better chance at health!


Does this describe you?

Are you always on a diet?
Are you unhappy with your weight?
Are you 'apple' or 'pear' shaped?
Is your excess weight starting to get you down?
Do you read every magazine article about weight loss?


Unsuitable weight loss methods...

If you follow faddy diets the only thing you'll lose long term is money, your self-esteem and the wrong kind of weight.The goal of a healthy eating / weight loss plan is to lose fat, not just weight. Rapid weight loss that occurs initially may feel great but the rebound gain will be just as rapid. To lose weight, think long term and try to form healthy eating habits that you can maintain for a lifetime. Make healthy food selections, monitor your portions and follow your exercise plan.


How to improve your chances of losing weight...

Healthy weight loss is slow and steady - aim to lose no more than 1-2lb per week. Learn to enjoy more healthy foods - the diet is more likely to work and be adhered to. Short-term measures such as liquid diets, diet pills may kick start you into feeling better but don't work in the long term. You don't have to lose a lot of weight to enjoy health gains from weight loss - even small losses can bring health benefits and major returns.


Where do you carry your extra weight?

Apple shaped - having too much fat on your tummy.
Pear shaped - carries extra fat on your hips and thighs.

Being apple shaped actually carries greater health risks because fat carried within the abdominal wall goes straight into the liver before circulating to the muscles. This fat within the liver tends to make the liver resistant to the effects of insulin, and may result in an increase of insulin levels. This can put you at risk of increased blood pressure, diabetes and other cardiovascular conditions. Losing just 5 - 10 % of your body weight may help -



Eating Behaviour

When you eat... This refers to the time of meals, and the number of meals per day

Where you eat... This is the location of your meals (canteen, restaurant, home) and in what room (kitchen, TV Room)

How you eat... This is how you prepare your food, the speed at which you eat, and how many course

Why you eat... A very important question to ask yourself. Are you eating for a purpose other than nutritional needs?


Physical Activity

Physical activity is the only way the body can increase the amount of energy it burns. Simply put, it means moving your body, that is moving it yourself, not with machines. There are five levels of physical activity -



What other help is available?

The following health professionals may help you achieve your goals of losing weight and fat.


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