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Giving Up Smoking with RTE's The Afternoon Show and Duleek Pharmacy

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Duleek Pharmacist Kathy Maher is featured on RTE’s ‘The Afternoon Show’ over a 10-week period giving advice about giving up smoking.

Kathy is on the show starting Monday 11th January. Be sure to tune in from 4pm each day. Click here to watch online.


On Thursday Pharmacist Kathy Maher was assigned to Billy, giving him expert advise on how to quit smoking. Follow the link to find out more.


Here's Advice to Help you Quit your habit:

Want to Give Up Smoking?

No matter how many years you have smoked for, or how many cigarettes you smoke, the human body is so resilient and your health and appearance will benefit enormously as soon as you start to QUIT.

Smoking is the single greatest cause of preventable illness and premature death in Ireland and the UK.

The great thing about quitting is that you can see benefits day after day, month after month and tear after year.

What Benefits will Your Body Feel?

These are just some benefits. No matter what age you give up smoking, you will:



Remember – failing to prepare is preparing for failure!
Start thinking NOW about the action you can take to help yourself quit – before you choose your QUIT DAY!

Tips to help your life become smoke free:


Tips for Dealing with Cravings – THE 4 D’s:



It is never too late.
Call to Duleek Pharmacy (041 9823326) to speak to one of our pharmacists for help, advice and support to assist you in your journey.

Further Information:

Duleek Pharmacist Kathy Maher will feature on RTE’s ‘The Afternoon Show’ for over a 10 week period giving advice about GIVING UP SMOKING.

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